Walk-A-Thon Pledge Incentives


Participation Incentives for Obtaining Pledges

  • Everyone that brings in a pledge will receive a ticket from their teacher. Students may
    exchange their ticket for a treat at the Walkathon Table after school. The table will be
    set up near front door starting Tuesday September 3.
  • The first 3 classes to get to 85% of class participation will receive personalized water bottles.
  • The highest amount of class participation overall will get an Ice Cream Sundae Party! (If we should have more than one class reach 100%, all with 100% participation will receive an Ice Cream Sundae Party!!)


Watch the Gator Walk-A-Thon Thermometer Go Up!

Overall Fundraising Incentives

When we reach…

$4,000 Dr. Chaussee will cut his tie!
$9,000 Dr Chaussee will dress up in costume for lunch!
$13,000 A bounce house recess!!
$17,000 Improvements to your school!


Top Fundraiser Prizes

The three students with the highest amounts of pledges will get to:

#5 Eat lunch with a teacher or staff member of their choice

#4 Be principal for 1/2 of a day

#3, #2, #1 Win a “fast pass” for their family at the famous Grace Abbott Carnival

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