Support in Action

“What does the Grace Abbott PTO do with all of the money my family raises and donates to this volunteer organization?”

With the money raised, we have been able to:

  • Upgrade and update the Smart Projectors in each classroom
  • Provide the Little Free Library at Grace Abbott
  • Help fund Dancing Classrooms for the 5th graders
  • Donate to the Millard Public Schools Technology Drive, providing iPad carts and iPads for our students to use in their classrooms
  • Install 2 concrete slab/basketball courts on the playground
  • Purchase an amazing portable sound system (available for use for any school event)
  • Remodel the front entry area
  • Grant scholarships to graduating Abbott alumni (2 $1000 scholarships each year!)
  • Pay for the crossing guard on 156th Street
  • Granted educational grants to teachers and staff, which has gone or will go to:
    • the creation of a science lab (to be used by all Abbott students)
    • library books
    • musical instruments
    • classroom work station activities
  • Shade trees for the playground
  • A hand-painted mural for the new science room
  • An ice maker for staff and PTO use

Finally, each year, the PTO coordinates / hosts and supplements the cost of the:

  • Gator Walk-a-thon
  • Buzz Book
  • Yearbook
  • School carnival
  • Staff meals during conference times and teacher appreciation week
  • Snowflake Breakfast
  • Movie nights
  • Cash Rewards Programs
  • Grade level Fun Nights
  • Classroom parties
  • The fees and transportation to send all current fourth and fifth grade students to a Youth Frontiers retreat
  • Last but not least, each year every Abbott teacher and staff member is given a gift of appreciation on their specific day of recognition

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