Executive Board

Below is a listing and brief description of the PTO Executive Board for the 2021-2022 school year.

President: The President is in charge of all volunteers. The President runs the meetings and initiates a vote when needed. The President is the liaison between the PTO and the Head of School and Administrative staff at the school.
President: Jennifer Thorndyke

President Elect: This is the person voted in to be President for the following year. The President Elect’s role is to learn the responsibilities of the President and to provide guidance and support to the current President.
President Elect: Marcy Saniuk

Treasurer:  The Treasurer keeps the financial reports and the budget and reviews this information with the membership at the meetings.

Treasurer: Jon Warren

Secretary:  The Secretary prepares the agenda for the meetings for the President and takes the minutes of the meetings.
Secretary:  Molly Warren

Past President: This is the prior year’s President. The Past President’s responsibilities are to provide guidance and support to the current President as needed. The Past President may wish to take on a role of one of the volunteers.
Past President: Cheri Shoup

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