Gator Bucks

What are Gator Bucks?
Gator Bucks are cards in increments of $5 or $20 and will be our form of currency at the Carnival. ONLY Gator Bucks will be accepted for the purchase of food, activities and games. Gator Bucks are only valid the night of the event.

How to Purchase?
Gator bucks can be purchased through our presale or at the event. Cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted at the carnival for the purchase of the Gator Bucks.

What Can Gator Bucks Be Used For?
Gator Bucks are used to pay for games, activities, *meal deals, raffle tickets, and snacks at the carnival.

* Note: You must use a meal deal card to receive the meals at the food table. Gator Bucks can be used to purchase a meal deal card during the carnival, but you will need to purchase at a sales table and not at the food table. All other concessions will be purchased using Gator Bucks.

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