The Parent Teacher Organization is dedicated to the purpose of supporting the education and the educational experience of the children at Grace Abbott Elementary School. To fulfill this purpose, the organization shall:

1) Raise and expend funds to enhance and improve the educational quality of Grace Abbott Elementary School, including, but not limited to, financial support to classroom teachers, purchase of books and materials, procurement of educational assemblies and development and promotion of after-school enrichment programs

2) Sponsor projects and events for the benefit of Grace Abbott Elementary students

3) Strive to achieve a closer working relationship between teachers, parents and community so that parents, administrators and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of the students

4) Keep abreast of local district objectives, and be better informed regarding local school issues

5) Bring areas of concern to the principal and/or district school Board and administration

6) Encourage a positive, supportive atmosphere to enhance students’ educational and extracurricular experiences.

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