Spring Box Top Raffle



When:  Friday, March 13th – Friday, April 10th 2015

What:  Each time a student turns in a *completed Spring 2015 Raffle Ticket between Friday, March 13th and Friday, April 10th they will have their name put in a drawing for some wonderful prizes including:

Sempeck’s Family Fun Pass

Cold Stone Gift Card

Kids eat free certificate from Texas Roadhouse

And many more!

**Don’t forget to ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to collect Box Tops for your student**

Winners will be announced in the Gator Tales on April 17th, as well as this Grace Abbot PTO website!

*Completed Spring Box Top Competition Collection Sheets meet the following criteria:

1. Student’s Name, Teacher’s Name and Grade (clearly written at the top of the collection sheet)

2. Box Tops attached to the Spring Box Top Competition Raffle Sheet have a visible and valid expiration date

3. 1 Box Top is glued or taped per Gator (no staples!)

4. Each of the 10 Gators have a Box Top

5. Bonus Box Tops are glued or taped to the back of the Spring Box Top Competition Raffle Sheet and the appropriate number of Gators are crossed out on the front of the collection sheet.  (For example, if you have a Box Top that indicates it’s worth 10 box tops, that would be taped to the back of the collection sheet and 10 gators would be crossed off the front)

If you have any questions, please contact Candice Casper.

Click here for more Grace Abbott Elementary 2015 Spring Box Top Raffle sheets.