PTO Board Info

Whoa! That’s about all we can say recently. Hopefully everyone is staying safe and staying involved and staying sane.

With the cancellation of… well, everything…. we never got a chance to finalize board members for the 2020-21 school year. With no president-elect available the current board made the decision that Cheri Shoup would stay on for one more year as the President. Desperate times and all… Current Secretary Jennifer Thorndyke has agreed to take the President-Elect position, and she would then move into the President role in the 2021-22 school year. Molly Warren has graciously agreed to be our Secretary for the coming year. Thanks Molly! And Josh Kitchen will stay on as treasurer for one more (and final!) year.

Treasurer’s Report:

Not much going on obviously with school, but some info to share. The cancellation of the carnival hurt; the PTO is currently at a $2500 deficit for the year. Fortunately we have the cash reserves to get us through. An updated financial statement is available, and I believe everything should be in for the year ending 6/30/20.

Shout-out to Kona Ice, who took their trucks through the neighborhoods on April 23 as a treat to Abbott students. And the PTO received a $300 check back from Kona as a % of sales. Thanks to all the families who participated!

A few misc items that the Board decided on in absentia: We allowed an extra $250 for the Fifth Grade Farewell for a students to get t-shirts, and to cover some party favors that were already purchased. We also authorized $250 from the Hardship Fund, to help families that Dr. Chaussee identified as particularly hard hit by the pandemic. (Thanks to Stephanie Ludwig for the idea!) We decided not to pursue the Dancing Classrooms group for a refund (approx $200) since they are a nonprofit. And the decision was made to pay our crossing/traffic guards for the full school year. Thanks Peggy & Karl!

Here’s looking forward to getting school started again in the fall! The PTO is planning on going strong with lots of volunteer help. See you in September!