Walk-a-thon Donations

Dear Family, Neighbors, and Friends,

Our school will be participating in the Grace Abbott Elementary School Gator Walk-a-thon, Abbott’s main fundraiser, on Friday, October 7th, 2016.  The Walk-a-thon raises money for physical, academic and social improvements of our school. The money raised by the Walkathon last year will be used to purchase amazing outdoor fitness equipment and 2 tetherball sets for the playground. (We are simply waiting for Millard to arrange for these items to be installed.) Your money was also used to purchase equipment for the supply room, as well as, fun educational items requested by classroom teachers. Years prior , the money has funded (among other things) a portion of 60 iPads, the building of 2 basketball courts, a makeover of the front entry area, a dedicated science room, fun educational classroom supplies, library books, musical instruments, and a yearly 4th grade anti-bullying retreat (Youth Frontiers)!

On the day of the Walk-a-thon, students will be walking and running for 30 minutes to earn pledges donated by family, neighbors and friends.  100% of the pledges collected will directly support Grace Abbott’s building, students and staff!  All donations are tax deductible (your check or email confirmation is your receipt).

If you would like to support a student and Grace Abbott Elementary with a Pledge, please submit a donation through PayPal below. Don’t forget to tell the student / family the amount of your online pledge so they receive credit for the pledge.

Thank you for your support!

**Mobile Device Users: You must enter the Names of each student in the family as well as their Teacher’s Name in the “Send a note to the seller” box during check out or the student will not get credit for the donation. **

Donations are credited to the entire FAMILY!  If there are multiple Grace Abbott students in the family you are submitting a pledge for please list the names and teachers for each student in the the family.
For Example:  Student’s Last Name, First Name: Jones, Johnny, Annie and Sam
Teacher:  Perrone, Southard and Petersen

Student’s Last Name, First Name
Teacher’s Last Name

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Shaner.