Winter Box Top Rankings Week Ending 12/04/15

Week Ending
20-Nov 25-Nov 4-Dec 11-Dec 18-Dec 8-Jan 15-Jan Total
Doblar 245 250 270 765
Mahoney 24 25 497 546
Frost 78 * 462 540
Hardage 114 125 241 480
Sweetman 50 * 400 450
Traynor 218 * 209 427
Powell 150 150 98 398
Wellensiek 164 * 220 384
Perrone 288 * 48 336
Southard 148 * 187 335
Cryer 50 50 194 294
Stevens 102 100 0 202
Gates 50 * 113 163
Frenche 158 * 0 158
Dolezal 50 * 65 115
Petersen 25 25 50 100
Broesch 63 * 26 89
Thomas 44 * 0 44
Bherns 0 * 40 40
2021 725 3120 0 0 0 0 5866  $  586.60
* Not Collected, totals the following week include any Box Tops turned in the previous week

Online Walk-a-thon Pledges have ended

  Online pledges for the Gator Walk-a-thon have ended.  
 Thank You to everyone who pledged money for our students and to those who collected the pledges! 
 The Gator Walk-a-thon will take place on Friday, October 9th.  Each class has been assigned a time between 9:15am and 3:05pm.  Please come cheer your  Gator(s) on!

HyVee Cash 4 Students



The Grace Abbott PTO will once again be participating in the HyVee Cash for Students program!

This year’s Cash for Students program begins Tuesday, September 1, and continues through Thursday, December 31, 2015, and includes all fifteen Omaha/Council Bluffs/Plattsmouth Hy-Vee stores.

Click here for more information.


Summer Baggie Competition Winners

Congratulations 1st Grade!  Your class had the highest percentage of participation with 44% and have won an ice cream bar party.

The break out of participation was as follows:
Bags Students Participation
1st 29 66 44%
3rd 27 67 40%
2nd 27 82 33%
Kindergarten 17 66 26%
4th 14 65 22%
5th 10 69 14%
Thanks again for your efforts in collecting Box Tops, Labels for Education and Coke Reward points over the summer!
We’ll start our Winter Box Top competition in November, so expect more information around that time.

Buzz Book Confirmation is now OPEN

The Buzz Book is an invaluable way to get phone and address information for the kids in your child’s class, to be used for play dates, birthday parties, get-together’s, etc. It also includes important dates and phone numbers for the school and PTO.

We will be using to host our online Buzz Book, but we NEED your help! All existing and new Abbott families need to confirm and update their own information so the most current information is published to the school families. Even if you do not plan on purchasing the Buzz Book, please confirm your information!

****All families need to complete the process of entering, updating or confirming their information BEFORE 9/15/2015 so the Buzz Book can be published quickly. ****

Click here for more information related to Buzz Books!

Summer Baggie Competition

Last year Summer Baggies were sent home with each student in grades K-4th and parents of new Kindergartners during Kindergarten Roundup to be filled with Box Tops for Education, Coke Rewards and Labels for Education. Click here for more information on the Summer Baggie Competition.



“What does the Grace Abbott PTO do with all of the money my family raises and donates to this volunteer organization?”

With the money raised, we have been able to:

  • Donate to the Millard Public Schools Technology Drive, providing iPad carts and iPads for our students to use in their classrooms
  • Install a 2nd concrete slab/basketball court on the playground
  • Purchase an amazing portable sound system (available for use for any school event)
  • Remodeled the front entry area
  • Grant scholarships to graduating Abbott alumni
  • Pay for the crossing guard on 156th Street
  • Granted $5,000 in educational grants to teachers and staff, which has gone or will go to:
    • the creation of a science lab (to be used by all Abbott students)
    • library books
    • musical instruments
    • classroom work station activities
  • Shade trees for the playground (pending Millard approval)
  • A hand-painted mural for the new science room (see below) (pending Millard approval)
  • An ice maker for staff and PTO use (pending Millard approval)

Finally, each year, the PTO coordinates / hosts and supplements the cost of the:

  • Gator Walk-a-thon
  • Buzz Book
  • Yearbook
  • School carnival
  • Staff meals during conference times and teacher appreciation week
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Snowflake Breakfast
  • Movie nights
  • Cash Rewards Programs
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Grade level Fun Nights
  • Classroom parties
  • The fees and transportation to send all current fourth and fifth grade students to a Youth Frontiers retreat
  • Last but not least, each year every Abbott teacher and staff member is given a gift of appreciation on their specific day of recognition







Online presales have concluded, but you can still pick up tickets at school. In-school presales will run Monday, April 20th through Friday, April 24th, before and after school in the lobby. At that time you can also take a look at the Jammin’ Jars that will be raffled off the night of the carnival as well as the Silent Auction items!

As a reminder to those that purchased their tickets online, tickets will be sent home with your student on Friday, April 24th. Check backpacks! There are no reimbursements for lost tickets! OR if you chose to pick up your tickets at the Carnival, they will be available at the’Will Call’ table.