Grace Abbott Buzz Book (School Directory)


This year we are moving the Buzz Book online!

Please confirm your family’s data for our school directory/Buzz Book before 9/15/2014 (confirmation deadline).  

After this date, the Buzz Book committee will complete the confirmation/family validation process and begin granting online access to those families who purchased the Buzz Book.  Our goal is to provide you access to the online Buzz Book as quickly as possible. The print copy of the Buzz Book will soon follow.

Your information privacy is important to us, and if there is any information you do not want viewed on the online directory or not published in the paper copy, you will have the opportunity to not display that information – our district policy is ‘opt-out’ .  This means, a family is automatically included in the directory unless they specifically opt out when confirming their data.  In this case the privacy flags will not be checked.  Parents that do not update their data will be displayed as entered.  This is why it is very important that you log in and verify your information and you decide your privacy options.

Remember: the only people who have access to the online directory are other Abbott families.

Additional information and instructions can be found here.